Our Design Process

Our approach begins and ends with you and your customers, not your website.

We DEFINE your business identity, goals, and customers.

Using this information, we DESIGN an effective User Experience to reach your goals.

Using the Design model, we DEVELOP your site to lead visitors to take action as they interact with various elements within the site.

Once ready, we DEPLOY the site, ensuring your “Grand Opening” or “Open House” experience reaches visitors across the web.

Finally, we use analytics to adjust, adapt, and make your site DELIVER maximum sales or promotion performance.

Define. Design. Develop. Deploy. Deliver.


  • First we define your business or organization’s “WHY”, your unique value proposition.
  • Next we get an overview of your business through a Business Model Canvas to understand your unique selling propositions, customers, customer relations, distribution channels, etc.
  • We go deeper into researching your target audience and specifically the target audience for your web presence.
  • Finally we do a market analysis and competitive analysis of your immediate competition to understand where you might capitalize on under-served niches.


  • We design a site plan for your Sales Funnel to direct customers from initial awareness to taking action
  • We do graphic design tailored to your target audience.
  • We prepare site architecture and layouts.
  • Page and Form designs


  • We set up your site on servers and shape it toward its final form
  • We design and test the site as a User Experience (UX-Design)
  • We add targeted content designed to channel your audience
  • We test your site across various platforms to ensure Responsive design.


  • We supervise the launch of your site coordinating with your social media and other web presence.
  • We lay the groundwork for Search Engines to discover then properly catalog your content, then maximize your organic (non-paid) search results.
  • We look for appropriate connections to link your site on other well trafficked websites and blogs.
  • We integrate your site’s launch with relevant social media platforms.


  • Using advanced analytics, we refine your site to reach your audience more effectively.
  • We monitor and adjust long term sales objectives.
  • We ensure that your site maximizes its potential as a high performing member of your sales and service team.
  • We can provide high quality content marketing and web promotions services to build and maintain momentum on an ongoing basis.

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